“Rosebud” was the sleigh from “Citizen Kane.” It is something from your past that you long for, but is long lost. This is my Rosebud Coleus. I have never been able to find anything close. The variegated Coleus on the market have such even splotching or “mosaic-ing.’ Rosebud was unique. The way the colors are broken up looks like an artist designed it, some small splotching, some large splotching, making for more interesting and less predictable compositions.

Rosebud’s colors are unique too. So many on the market now are your standard red-green-white variations. Not Rosebud. It had pinkish mauve, cream, yellow, yellow-ochre, brown, burgundy, and olive green. It was a beautiful color palette.

I have not found anything close to Rosebud since I lost it over half a decade ago (the picture is from 2005). It does look like it could be hybridized with Orange King and Coco Loco. But not being a horticulturalist, I wouldn’t know how to attempt to do it.

Update: After doing some research, I suspect the name of my Rosebud is actually called “Camouflage.” And I can’t find it sold anywhere.


3 thoughts on “Rosebud

  1. I’m sorry we don’t have this plant anymore. I don’t understand why it doesn’t turn up in a greenhouse again, and keep hoping it will. It’s as if the growers simply stop growing some kinds of coleus plants.

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  3. I’ve also wondered why we don’t see the same coleus varieties from year to year. I asked one grower how he grows his plants. I thought he might keep ‘mother’ plants and was informed he couldn’t afford the heat to do that. Another reason was the chance of disease and insect carry over. So, at least in his case, this explains why we don’t always get the same ones.
    One of our local Garden Centers with greenhouses somehow keeps about 4-5 varieties from year to year. In this case it’s gotten pretty boring as they don’t get anything new. I’ve chided them about their lack of new varieties in these and in other plants and seen no change. The other coleus they sell are Rainbow Mix seedlings.

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