Twist and Twirl: Multiple Personalities

The following plants are all “Twist and Twirl.” A few came from different greenhouses. But some sported on me and reverted and changed and turned completely strange, like the one below with a nearly solid red/magenta and simultaneously lime green, all on one stem. I’ve seen them in greenhouses where they are completely green…no variegated…

Baby Kongs

Last summer we discovered that a Mosaic Kong at some point had flowered and gone to seed in its pot. The mother plant had died, but had left us with a million Baby Kongs. We planted them and tried to overwinter them, but I must admit I was bad and didn’t take care of them…

Grouping Like Plants

With all the plants I have, I’ve found it’s easiest to group them together in like varieties, either by the producer’s trade name or by color, so I know where they are if I need them.

Greenhousing In Rural Wisconsin Again: Points East

Last week, Stan and I went on a nursery tour of south central and south eastern Wisconsin. Wednesday took us northeast to the Marshall-Waterloo-Watertown area, where there is basically nothing. It was a nice ride however. I brought my ipad with me to help navigate. Waterloo is a black hole when it comes to 3G…

Versa Rose to Lime

Blush Center, Green Outer, Dark Margins. I think this one is called Rose to Lime, however it did not come with a a specific ID tag, just generic (Versa Mix)