Coleus Bonanza! Greenhousing in Rural Southern Wisconsin

Today was an unusually cool day for early June, not a good day for doing things outside, but a great day for driving. We loaded up the dogs and took a ride to find various greenhouses around Dane County and beyond that we’ve never been to before. The cool grey misty sky set a wonderful ambience for the day. By far the best find was from Vermont View Greenhouse, which is located in southern Wisconsin on a hillside in the extremely rural town of Vermont. I found seven Coleus plants that I don’t believe I have, although it is a bit hard to tell as they didn’t have nametags (just a generic “Coleus” tag). One might be a very dark version of “Twist and Twirl” which seems to sport non-stop. Stan was also eyeing a beautiful Echinopsis (cactus). He’ll probably be back to buy it later.


One thought on “Coleus Bonanza! Greenhousing in Rural Southern Wisconsin

  1. It was a beautiful day and perfect to go for a ride. I loved the blue mist hanging over the landscape, and dogs love car rides. I’m surprised how many plants we found at small rural greenhouses.

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