Mint Mocha


Update: Although I already overwintered this one from 2012, it is really anemic and does not make green leaves. From past experiences, trying to root the anemic “white” leaves does not work. The rootings just die because they do not have chloroform. So I decided to get a new one.

This one also seems a little different in leaf shape and texture.



One thought on “Mint Mocha

  1. This looks a lot like the LIMON BLUSH I bought and grew fantastically last year. it has the same leaf shape and coloration except for the red/pink/lavender blush I see on yours. Mine was green with a little yellow. I got it early in the spring and put it in a large pot with COLEOSAURUS and several dwarf ones. It grew so well I was able to make many new plants all through summer. When the days got noticeably shorter, I turned it to get as much sun as possible. While in that position it developed ‘mops’ of yellow foliage which looked amazingly like yellow Chrysanthemums. There were enough tops to the plant that I was able to break off enough to put in vases on many tables in 3 dining areas. The tops looked great for at least a month and many were taken away with roots before the remaining ones were thrown away.

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