Twist and Twirl: Multiple Personalities

The following plants are all “Twist and Twirl.” A few came from different greenhouses. But some sported on me and reverted and changed and turned completely strange, like the one below with a nearly solid red/magenta and simultaneously lime green, all on one stem. I’ve seen them in greenhouses where they are completely green…no variegated colors at all, burgundy with red, solid burgundy black, and the classic red, yellow and green.

It begs the question if commercial growers propagate these plants by cuttings, but the cuttings are always sporting, can they legitimately keep calling the plant by the same name?

Since I’m a hobby grower and not a horticulturalist, I really don’t know the answer. But as an artist, it would be sort of like if I were to create a digital art piece and duplicate it several times, and on each duplication change the colors. I wouldn’t feel right about naming them all the same. Instead I’d probably call them “Composition #1, Composition #2,” etc. But I guess those in the commercial plant world have their own way of doing it.


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