And The Winner Is…

There were so many awesome Coleus this year, but the most drop-dead gorgeous show-stopping one of them all is most certainly this Kong. It started out as a slightly unique Kong I found at Koepke’s, and labelled a “Mosaic Kong.” It didn’t look like the typical Mosaic Kongs, the ones with splotchy whites and red/roses. It looked more like another Mosaic Kong I had that was mostly white. But this one had almost a creamy blush to it from the start.

As it grew, the blush grew more pink and rosy, with darker emphasis in the veins. It never developed the distinctly splotchy, dramatic contrast of the typical Mosaic Kong. Instead, it almost seems like a new variety all together. I’m taking this opportunity to name it, “Ann’s Rosey Blush.”

The leaves were huge, the size of a dinner plate. Since we are bringing it indoors, I did cut it back some, but not as much as smaller varieties because the thing is so large, and I wanted to preserve it as much as possible. It will get a spot on the top shelf inside, so it can have as much space as possible.


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