December Update

Amazing Seedlings

Amazing Seedlings

It’s been about three months since I gave my plants haircuts and brought them indoors for the long Wisconsin winter. I have seen my plants go from big, healthy mini-bushes to sticks and stumps. The soil has gone from overly-saturated (it rained a lot before I brought them inside) to winter-dry. I’ve seen the main leaves drop and new sprouts grow from the nodes. The stalks have looked bare, and I’ve been afraid of losing them. But letting them dry out and then giving them a good watering and as much fluorescent plant light as possible have brought most of them back to miniature versions (keeping them short to fit under the lights on the shelves) of their former selves.

There has been one total loss and a few that are in intensive care. The death is Gnash Rambler, one I lost last winter as well. It must have some vulnerable genetics, because I’ve been finding a lot of other bronzey/russet curly-leaved Carefree-type plants have been struggling, like the one I cut from a motel entryway (the other one I snipped that day is doing great–much bushier than shown in that pic!) and Copper, which is currently in intensive care, but returning to life.

I have two trays of orphaned seedlings of unknown parentage. One of the trays is still small, and they might not grow much this winter. Last season I had a bowl of baby Mosaic Kongs that hardly grew at all over the winter. The other tray of seedlings are now bedding-size, and these have the most amazing colors and shapes. I’ll talk more about them in upcoming posts.


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  1. I’m very happy with how well these plants are doing this winter. I think pruning the roots is making a big difference in their health too.

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