Ann’s Hybrids Part 1: Ann’s Bright Coral Mosaic

Ann's Bright Coral Mosaic

Ann’s Bright Coral Mosaic

This one I’m tentatively naming “Ann’s Bright Coral Mosaic.” There are several seedlings in the pot, and the one I’m referring to is in the upper right. There have been several variegated or “Mosaic” Coleus in circulation, namely Kong Mosaic and Fairway Mosaic, as well as other variegated varieties like Finger Paint and Splish Splash. But with all of those, they’ve never included a bright orangey coral color. I’m hoping this is not some juvenile phase, and as the plant matures I’m hoping it will retain this unusual coral color along with the more standard yellowish-cream, pink, brown and green.


One thought on “Ann’s Hybrids Part 1: Ann’s Bright Coral Mosaic

  1. The “Ann’s Bright Coral Mosaic” is beautiful and looks like it could develop into a plant like no others in propagation. It will be fun to see what the other greenish pinkish plants look like when they grow outdoors next summer. The darker plant in the lower left corner has to grow much more before it begins to show it’s adult colors, and I look forward to seeing that one grow too.

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