Ann’s Hybrids Part 2: Ann’s Chocolate Vampire

The bright fluorescent lighting in the room tends to wash out the richness of color in some of these photos. This hybrid has a very dark maroon center, almost black, with a lighter maroon/washed out burgundy outer margin. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s sort of like Religious Radish, but that one’s outer area is more red/russet, plus this one’s leaves are more deeply lobed. It’s sort of Marooned, but that one is a solid color.


One thought on “Ann’s Hybrids Part 2: Ann’s Chocolate Vampire

  1. I love the name. There appears to be several seedlings with dark centers and I am anxious to see them grow. This one is very beautiful and unique. I can’t imagine there are any other plants in propagation that look much like this plant.

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