Ann’s Hybrids Part 4: Three Goofy Ones

Fringy Salmon

Fringy Salmon (note mature neon salmon-colored leaf)

Three Goofy Coleus

Fringy Salmon, Neon Plumage, and Seersucker Punch

I have about three different seedlings in this pot, all in the orange spectrum.

Looking at the picture with the solitary pot inside the black round tray, start out with the top/top left one, “Ann’s Fringy Salmon.” It’s an orange deeply lobed type sort of like Under The Sea’s Hermit Crab or King Crab. But I don’t think any of those even went to seed last year to make a baby (I think those might be more vegetative types anyway). The leaves start out with a conventional rusty orange color, but as they mature they turn to a bright neon Salmon color (refer to the other picture with the collection of other seedlings). It’s slightly puckered, but not as textural as “Ann’s Seersucker Punch” (bottom left in the solitary pot picture) a very puckered reddish/orange/magenta leaf. The seersucker texture is so deep, it reminds me of a Friendship Plant or Moon Plant (Pilea involucrata). The puckery-ness is not quite that severe, but it’s the most puckered I’ve ever seen any Coleus. The last one (bottom right) is “Ann’s Neon Plumage”. The shape of the mature leaf is more like a feather, and the central vein is quite prominent, like a quill. The “quill” is darkly colored, purple with almost a hint of blue, contrasting with the red/scarlet/orange/magenta/pink central area, surrounded by a duller russet margin.


2 thoughts on “Ann’s Hybrids Part 4: Three Goofy Ones

  1. I think the 3 goofy ones have a lot of potential and they may not be showing all of their shape and color yet. Perhaps, next summer they will develop more and be more interesting.

    The name “Ann’s Seersucker Punch” is a great name for that plant and it is a beautiful one too.

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