Sick Humans Make for Dead Plants

Sick Humans make for sick plants

Sick Humans make for sick plants

This is the time of year when all I want to do is scour the greenhouses for plants. Unfortunately, things are a little off this year due to unanticipated problems.

This past winter I was diagnosed with skin cancer, and had two operations, one on my forehead (Moh’s surgery) and one on my upper arm (burned off). Because I had to let the Moh’s surgery stitches heal, I was advised not to do any lifting of more than 10 pounds for several weeks. My trays of coleus, when watered, weighed more than that, so that messed up plant care for a while. Some plants were lost, I don’t know if it was because they had gone too long without watering, or just because of typical winter attrition.

Then earlier this month we had to make a trip out of state for more than a couple of weeks due to aging mother problems, which set back our gardening schedule. It also caused us to have to leave our plants unattended for over two weeks. Not knowing how exactly to handle this situation, we watered everything well and set the trays in plastic bags while before we left so they wouldn’t dry out. I think in the future I will not use the plastic bags, as that got too mildewy and caused some plants to rot. I’ll just take my chances on things drying out instead.

But we did get a chance to get some new varieties in the past few days, as well as replace some lost ones. I’ll be posting new pics throughout the next few weeks as I get more in.


2 thoughts on “Sick Humans Make for Dead Plants

  1. We were doing so well this year and more plants would have made if our time to take care of them had not been messed up. Sad plants.

  2. If we didn’t have to go to CO in April/May, I would’ve been able to attend to them. Some of them may have been weakened due to the time in Jan/Feb after my surgery, but the actual deaths occurred in early May. But others were SOOOO healthy. Most of them look so good.

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