Unnamed Big Black

Unnamed Large Black

Got this one at Vermont View Greenhouse in Black Earth. Their Coleus are not named, but they’re super-awesome. I think they’re hybrids because I’ve not seen anything like them. This looks like it might be related to Giant Exhibition Palisandra Black, which I think I might have lost this year.



Well, I have Alabama Sunset, and I have Sunset, and this one is Alabama. They’re all similar, but this one seems more speckled.



This variety seems to sport a lot. There was one in the store where the variegated leaves were sporting to solid dark, and the one I have is sporting to solid olive green. It reminds me a little of Twist and Twirl, but the leaves are larger and texture thicker.

Giant Exhibition Marble?

Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix (Marble?)

I got both of these at Wodill Greenhouse in Beaver Dam. They didn’t come with labels, but they look like they’re from the Giant Exhibition seed mix. Researching it on the web, one of varieties in the mix is called Marble, and it looks like the multicolored one in the picture. The other one is…

Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix

Giant Exhibition Rustic Red with Yellow Edge

The label and title/name came with the plant that’s orangey/salmon/pink. But I think it fits this unlabeled (red) one better. I think both of them are from the Giant Exhibition series. I got them at different places, the orange one from Edgerton Greenhouse and the Red one from Wodil Greenhouse (Beaver Dam).

Seersucker Punch

Ann’s Hybrid: Seersucker Punch

The most recent picture is the one in the cardboard box. Actually, there’s another seedling I added to this pot because it looks just like this one. Parentage could be one of the “Under the Sea” series, like Hermit or King Crab, or possibly Jupiter. Maybe Limon Blush too. Odd puffy texture. In the old…

Ann’s Hybrid Dwarves?

These are odd little coleus that started from seed in 2013, and even made flower heads over the winter (that I removed), but they are tiny! The largest leaves are about 1/2″ long. I don’t know if they are actual “dwarf” plants or just stunted for some reason and will grow to a normal size…