Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix (Marble?)

I got both of these at Wodill Greenhouse in Beaver Dam. They didn’t come with labels, but they look like they’re from the Giant Exhibition seed mix. Researching it on the web, one of varieties in the mix is called Marble, and it looks like the multicolored one in the picture. The other one is mostly dark/burgundy with small green spots. It doesn’t resemble pictures of “Marble” at all, but it might be related or hybridized. Very cool, big leaves.

Then a week later I got these two at Papa Steinke’s Greenhouse in Mukwonago. They’re both from Giant Exhibition Mix, and I suspect they’re also variants of Marble. The one with the pink center (actually, it’s more like a white center speckled with watercoloresque rose-colored splatters) is very regular in patterning, unlike the randomness of the more classic mosaic-like Marble. And because I haven’t seen white-centered varieties in this mix, I’m thinking the one with the white center is also a Marble. There’s a very slight pinkish blush to the green margins, which I suspect might develop more rose speckles as it matures.

These will be fun to watch through the summer.


2 thoughts on “Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix (Marble?)

  1. These plants either have a wide variety of leaf patterns or they are a lose collection of plants under one name. Beautiful.

  2. I love the top two and the white centered flame one with rose splatters. I’ve considered getting some of the Giant Exhibition Mix seeds, but couldn’t tell if there was any variation in the patterns. Need to have that variety of color.

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