Finger Paint Sports: Three Different Kinds

Finger Paint Sports: Three Different Kinds

Finger Paint Sports: Three Different Kinds

It seems that the mosaic or variegated Coleus varieties sport the most. Last year my Solar Spectrum sported a solid light green stem; this year it sported a solid red stem. One of my oldest Twist and Twirl plants, probably from 2011 or earlier, made two stems: one green, one reddish. I’ve kept it like that throughout these years and now it’s a two-tone plant.

Finger Paint, a mosaic plant of light yellow, reddish pink and green, sports more than anything I’ve seen. In fact, it sports in ways that make it look like it has been Frankensteined together with other Coleus varieties. Last year, I noticed a stem on it that looked like Sedona. That branch either evolved, died or was trimmed off in the winterizing process, but this year I gathered three different sports from the two* Finger Paint plants I have.

These are the three plants shown in the picture. I went ahead and named them for my own mad scientist’s sake. Clockwise from top left is Red Wine, Lemon Lime, and Olive Peach. I especially love the Olive Peach because when Finger Paint is doing its mosaic-y watercolor painterly thing in pale yellows, greens and reds, it does not show any of the colors in Olive Peach.

*One is labelled Finger Paint and the other came unlabeled from a greenhouse, but I’m 99% sure that is what it is.


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  1. It’s a great experiment and I expect all of them to be able to sport back into each other. Wild and beautiful plants.

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