Ann’s Hybrid: Heart Beet

Update from 2015:

Original Post from 2014:

Super awesome neon magenta colors in this one I developed in my Frankenstein Coleus Lab (not really a lab, just forgot to pluck some flower heads and the bees did their job). This is one of the strangest ones. The leaves are sort of curly, with deep serrated edges. And the color…it’s like beet juice (mmm…bortscht), hence the name. I’ve never seen one like this from commercial growers. I’m showing a couple pictures of this plant shot against the sky to give an idea how electric the color is when the sun shines through it.

I’m kicking myself for all the seedlings I threw out in the past. I just thought at the time, “I have enough coleus…I don’t need these seedlings.” WRONG! Who knows what hybrid gems I could’ve thrown out?


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