Ann’s Hybrid: Real Horrorshow

Update from 2015:
This variety sure sports a lot, as I’ve noticed lots of variegated/mosaic types do. Reminds me of Fingerpaint, but a warmer color or “autumn” version of it. One thing I’ve observed about the sporting mosaic (Fingerpaint, Twist and Twirl, etc.) is that they will sport to a solid, but I haven’t noticed those sports revert back to a variegated/mosaic.

Original post from 2014:

Ann's Hybrid "Real Horrorshow"

Ann’s Hybrid “Real Horrorshow”

Parentage might be Fairway Mosaic or Splish Splash or maybe even a Mosaic Kong. Dark red stains on yellow leaves really looks like dried blood. Really.


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  1. My main addiction of late has been Daylilies. In them and in Iris the term ‘Broken Pattern’ is used for those flowers that have this mix of colors. It always is different in each individual bloom and has not yet been explained.

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