Wildfire Flicker

These Wildfire series (Flash, Ignition, Blaze and this one) have been delightful little plants that grow in a clumping habit.


6 thoughts on “Wildfire Flicker

  1. Hello, I’m really impressed with all the beauty you’ve discovered and hybriized. Would like to correspond with you about all the varieties I cannot acquire. I am in a nursing home and unable to go out to gardens and shops to buy plants as I used to. So have been getting plants from Glasshouse. Rosy Dawn and a new one I don’t remember. Have had a few plants grown from seed I collected and grew the second generation from their seed. None of which were saved, even though they were really different. Gary

  2. Hi Gary, it’s always amazing how many different colors, patterns and shapes of coleus can be grown from the seeds that our plants can make themselves. It’s good that you can utilize online sites like the ones you mention to get new varieties.

    • Ann, sorry for taking so long to respond. I am contemplating a purchase of approximately $100 worth of plants primarily Coleus from Taylor’s Greenhouse in Portland NY. I hope to also buy from Glasshouse and Rosy Dawn. Taylor’s has no freight charge for $75+. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling some of your seedlings? I think anything that is different from the ‘herd’ is desirable. I would love to get some of yours.

  3. Hi Gary, I don’t have any to sell right now. To move them inside for the winter, we took clippings of everything, and right now all of them are about 3 inches high and being grown under grow-lights in the house. In May we’ll put them outside again and they’ll grow. Probably in July they’ll be big enough to take clippings from, and then probably in August they’ll have roots and can be shippable. I don’t know about the other greenhouses, but Rosy Dawn doesn’t ship until some time around March because of weather. Because I’m not a greenhouse, nor do I even have one, my plants are completely dependent on the summer outdoors to make them large. Also, I wouldn’t feel right about selling them, but I’m open to the idea of sending clippings at no charge except for the cost of priority or overnight shipping, time and gas to the post office. But I wouldn’t be able to do that until next August or so.

    • Ann, I too, don’t have a greenhouse, although I’ve tried to get some local schools to take some of my ‘mother’ plants. One of the contact students works here at the home. The other was just a visitor. I would be willing to take a chance on you sending ‘unrooted’ cuttings. With two day USPS service and proper preparation the slips would make it. There are some wholesale greenhouses that send unrooted plants to greenhouses in the early early spring. In fact they got them when no one would ship rooted cuts. One used to (sadly not now) operate nearby. In fact the maintenance man’s parents were owners. I could interrogate them, but YOUR babies are what I want. Wouldn’t mind some from Vermont View that you’ve gotten there! Thanks for being open to letting me have some. I would be more than willing to reimburse you, if not pay for some. Gary

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