Alabama Sunset, or?

This one looks like Alabama Sunset, sort of, with the bright chartreuse leaves that turn to magenta red. I did get an Alabama Sunset this year, but it’s a little splotchier looking.

Large White Kong

Finding a White Kong is rare, but this one has green inside the white inside the green!. I sure wish I still had this one, but Kongs are notoriously hard to winter over, worse than regular Coleus. This is from 2005.


“Rosebud” was the sleigh from “Citizen Kane.” It is something from your past that you long for, but is long lost. This is my Rosebud Coleus. I have never been able to find anything close. The variegated Coleus on the market have such even splotching or “mosaic-ing.’ Rosebud was unique. The way the colors are…