K&W (Janesville) – A large greenhouse that’s worth going to Janesville for. You’ll love their indoor Koi pond. Sometimes they have free coffee. A pretty good collection of Coleus in season, too.

Edgerton Floral and Garden (Edgerton) – A wonderful Coleus collection! We always make a point to check out this place in early May. Last time they had some unnamed Coleus, which was too bad because they were very pretty and I wish I knew what they were. I bought them anyway, though.

The Flower Factory (Stoughton) – No Coleus or any annuals, but I thought I’d give it a mention because they have a great perennial collection and a wonderfully landscaped area to enjoy. They even have a model train track, but I’ve not been there when it’s running.

Brenda’s Blumenladen (New Glarus) – We always check this place out for Mums in the spring, and sometimes we’ll find a Coleus or two that we don’t have. It’s right near the New Glarus Badger Bike Trail.

Vermont View Greenhouse (Black Earth) – This is a gem tucked away on a hillside in a beautiful part of Western Dane County. Was surprised at all the Coleus I found there! You can tell they are in business for the love of plants, and not to make money on landscaping. No trees here.

Morningside Nursery (Mt. Horeb) – A hard to find greenhouse with friendly dogs that come to greet you when you get out of your car.

The Garden Spot (Monroe) – A small greenhouse in southern Wisconsin.

The Greenery (Watertown) – A small, older greenhouse/florist on the outskirts of Watertown. You wouldn’t expect to find many coleus there, but surprisingly, that’s where I found the mysterious three-plants-in-one.

Ebert’s Greenhouse Village (Ixonia) – I guess if greenhouses could be amusement parks, this is as close as it comes. This place is huge! They even have an area for kids. Lots of everything to be found.

Yerke Frog Alley Greenhouses  (Mukwonago) – Really cute greenhouse tucked away on a road named “Frog Alley.” Lots of chickens running about!

The Garden Mart (Mukwonago) – One of the many greenhouses in the Mukwonago area. This one’s easier to find than most.

3-D Greenhouses & Gifts  (Mukwonago) – Another Mukwonago-area greenhouse.

Papa Steinke’s Greenhouse (Mukwonago) – Another country greenhouse with chickens, and some unique Kong Coleus.

Lost Lake Acres-Greenhouse (Fall River) – Lots of annuals!

Big Sky Greenhouses & Nursery (Beaver Dam) – Out in the country near Beaver Dam.

Wodill Florist and Greenhouses (Beaver Dam) – Near Beaver Dam in the country, they have lots of things to find at great prices. The owners also have birds, includng swans! Definitely worth the trip.

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