Outside Wisconsin

Harvey’s (Adel, IA) – We stop at Harvey’s when we drive though Iowa on our way back from Colorado. They used to have a fantastic cactus and succulent collection, but they don’t seem to be actively getting new varieties in in that area. I’ve found the odd coleus there, like Handy Andy which I can’t find anymore.

Bath Landscape and Nursery (Fort Collins, CO) – They have a great indoor area for houseplants and I’ve got great end-of-season deals on Coleus there. We usually travel to Colorado later in the season.

Fort Collins Nursery (Fort Collins, CO) – They have a lot of perennials and sometimes the odd Coleus.

Gulley Greenhouse (Fort Collins, CO) – You can occasionally find unique Coleus here at the end of the season.

Fossil Creek Nursery (Fort Collins, CO) – Haven’t found much here lately, but sometimes you can find a gem.

Plantorium (LaPorte, CO) – Sometimes you’ll hit the bonanza with coleus here, sometimes not.

Jordan’s Greenhouse (Fort Collins, CO) – A newer greenhouse in northern Fort Collins. I think I’ve fond a couple Coleus here.

Creekside Nursery (Fort Collins, CO) – Won’t find too many Coleus here, but they have an awesome selection of cactus and succulents, especially Stapeliads.

Dardano’s Flowerland (Denver, CO) – Haven’t been here in a while, as it is a little hard to get to Denver lately (long story).

There are a couple other greenhouses along the front range that I’ve visited in the past few years. Sorry I’ve forgotten your names!

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