Suburban Madison

Felley’s – a local (Wisconsin) chain of florists. Their Fitchburg location also has a great greenhouse which sometimes has a good collection of Coleus.

America’s Best – a  large greenhouse with a nice large selection of Coleus. Sometimes the religious overtones can be a bit much–we’ve jokingly referred to it as “God’s Little Green Acres.” No one’s tried to convert us, fortunately.

Koepke’s –  Lots of flowers, lots of Kong Coleus in a beautiful setting south of Madison.

Irish Lane (K&A) – This used to be known as Irish Lane Greenhouse, but they changed ownership and now is own by K&A which also operates another greenhouse on the west side.

Orchid’s (formerly Orchids by the Ackers) Greenhouse – They don’t just have orchids, they also have a nice selection of annuals in the spring and summer. I found most of the “Solar” Coleus series here.

Bruce Company – The Bruce Company sells a lot of other things besides plants, namely porch, garden and patio furniture. They used to have the best cactus and succulent collection in Madison, but unfortunately it has sadly downsizeed. They offer a fairly good collection of Coleus.

Best Bud’s – just north of Madison near a brick and stone company, they had the cheapest prices on Kongs! I’ll have to remember that for next year.

Golden Prairie Farms – just east of Sun Prairie on a nice little farm in the suburbs with a pond.

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