Unnamed Unique Shaped Foliage

We got this on at a greenhouse up north on our way to our short vacation. It didn’t have a name, but I didn’t recognize it as anything I had, but wasn’t sure. It does look like it’s the offspring of Burning Bush and Dreamcatcher, but it doesn’t look like anything else either.

Unnamed Dark Gold

Unnamed Dark Gold

This one is just plain weird! Another Unnamed one from Vermont View Greenhouse, looks like a hybrid of lots of different coleus. There’s dark gold and red speckled with dark burgundy.

Unlabeled Gold Splattered and Burgundy

This one is completely weird! The initial impression is that it is a dark red Kong, but the leaves aren’t big Kong-like. The wide outer margins are most unusual…gold-green with a splattering/spraying of burgundy, which is also the center color. I’ve seen sprayed/splattered Coleus leaves before, but not just the outer margins. What a unique…