Giant Exhibition Marble?

Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix (Marble?)

I got both of these at Wodill Greenhouse in Beaver Dam. They didn’t come with labels, but they look like they’re from the Giant Exhibition seed mix. Researching it on the web, one of varieties in the mix is called Marble, and it looks like the multicolored one in the picture. The other one is…

Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix

Giant Exhibition Rustic Red with Yellow Edge

The label and title/name came with the plant that’s orangey/salmon/pink. But I think it fits this unlabeled (red) one better. I think both of them are from the Giant Exhibition series. I got them at different places, the orange one from Edgerton Greenhouse and the Red one from Wodil Greenhouse (Beaver Dam).

Unlabeled Hot Magenta

This plant came with no label. None of the plants like it had labels either, although the greenhouse usually sells labeled plants. I don’t know what it is, but it almost looks like it might have some Kong DNA.