Lime Time

Lime Time

Another Coleus with “Lime” in the name. I think commercial growers need to expand their yellow-green repertoire. Margarita? Chartreuse? Absinthe? Granny Apple? Serpentine? Midori? I promise if I ever make a hybrid like this I will not use the word “Lime.”

Kong Jr. Golden Halo

I really love Coleus with a white or light yellow center. I wonder if they introduced some genetics of smaller Coleus into the Kongs to create the “Kong Jr.” series, and if that would make them overwinter better. Kongs are notoriously bad for dying on me over the winter.

Unlabeled Red With Lime Sport

From what I can tell, this is an all red Coleus that sports to lime/chartreuse. It’s not like Alabama Sunset where all the new growth is lime chartreuse and the older growth is red. This one is really random.