Finger Paint Sports: Three Different Kinds

Finger Paint Sports: Three Different Kinds

It seems that the mosaic or variegated Coleus varieties sport the most. Last year my Solar Spectrum sported a solid light green stem; this year it sported a solid red stem. One of my oldest Twist and Twirl plants, probably from 2011 or earlier, made two stems: one green, one reddish. I’ve kept it like…

Twist and Twirl: Multiple Personalities

The following plants are all “Twist and Twirl.” A few came from different greenhouses. But some sported on me and reverted and changed and turned completely strange, like the one below with a nearly solid red/magenta and simultaneously lime green, all on one stem. I’ve seen them in greenhouses where they are completely green…no variegated…

Unlabeled One Plant, Three Sporting Stems

This plant is awesome! There is one main stem, and three major branches, each looks different. There’s a solid green with slight yellow speckling on one branch, a solid burgundy/maroon/coppery branch, and a variegated branch that’s a combination of the two others. There was no name, so I have no idea what it is.

Unlabeled Red With Lime Sport

From what I can tell, this is an all red Coleus that sports to lime/chartreuse. It’s not like Alabama Sunset where all the new growth is lime chartreuse and the older growth is red. This one is really random.