Ann's Hybrid "Real Horrorshow"

Ann’s Hybrid: Real Horrorshow

Update from 2015: This variety sure sports a lot, as I’ve noticed lots of variegated/mosaic types do. Reminds me of Fingerpaint, but a warmer color or “autumn” version of it. One thing I’ve observed about the sporting mosaic (Fingerpaint, Twist and Twirl, etc.) is that they will sport to a solid, but I haven’t noticed…

Duke of Swirl

This one from Rosy Dawn is probably closest to my “Rosebud.” We kept it in a shady part this summer. Next year we’ll try it with more sun and maybe it will get more colorful.



This variety seems to sport a lot. There was one in the store where the variegated leaves were sporting to solid dark, and the one I have is sporting to solid olive green. It reminds me a little of Twist and Twirl, but the leaves are larger and texture thicker.

Giant Exhibition Marble?

Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix (Marble?)

I got both of these at Wodill Greenhouse in Beaver Dam. They didn’t come with labels, but they look like they’re from the Giant Exhibition seed mix. Researching it on the web, one of varieties in the mix is called Marble, and it looks like the multicolored one in the picture. The other one is…

Ann’s Hybrids Part 1: Ann’s Bright Coral Mosaic

This one I’m tentatively naming “Ann’s Bright Coral Mosaic.” There are several seedlings in the pot, and the one I’m referring to is in the upper right. There have been several variegated or “Mosaic” Coleus in circulation, namely Kong Mosaic and Fairway Mosaic, as well as other variegated varieties like Finger Paint and Splish Splash.…

Solar Spectrum

Growth Update: This one likes to sport (or maybe it’s revert) to a solid lime, or what looks like Solar Shade. I hope I didn’t cut all of the sporty part back when I brought it inside for the season. Oops.

Coco Loco

I think I originally got one like this in 2011. At first I didn’t think it overwintered this past winter so I bought a new one this year, but as things grew this summer and got their full color and patterns, I realized I had two Coco Locos.