Giant Exhibition Marble?

Unlabelled, possibly from Giant Exhibition Mix (Marble?)

I got both of these at Wodill Greenhouse in Beaver Dam. They didn’t come with labels, but they look like they’re from the Giant Exhibition seed mix. Researching it on the web, one of varieties in the mix is called Marble, and it looks like the multicolored one in the picture. The other one is…

Kong Jr. Golden Halo

I really love Coleus with a white or light yellow center. I wonder if they introduced some genetics of smaller Coleus into the Kongs to create the “Kong Jr.” series, and if that would make them overwinter better. Kongs are notoriously bad for dying on me over the winter.

Baby Kongs

Last summer we discovered that a Mosaic Kong at some point had flowered and gone to seed in its pot. The mother plant had died, but had left us with a million Baby Kongs. We planted them and tried to overwinter them, but I must admit I was bad and didn’t take care of them…

Kong Mosaic (Blushed Cream White)

I had a white Kong last year, but I don’t think it made it. I found this one at Koepke’s, not white, but close. Label says Mosaic, but it’s more like white with a blush, especially in the veins. Last year’s white was also labeled Mosaic.